Int2ition are a fresh new sextet of developing jazz musicians from the New Zealand School of Music.  They are led by saxophone and woodwind tutor Alex Nyman.

Presenting a program consisting of jazz standards both old and new with a highly dynamic approach that will keep the audience rapt from first note to last. From golden vocal classics to upbeat funky contemporary this group has it all.

Alex Nyman (Saxophones/Woodwinds/EWI)

Chris Beernink (Bass) – Recently finishing his master’s degree at the Te Kōki New Zealand School of Music (NZSM), Chris Beernink is a professional musician based in Wellington. As well as playing various concerts and gigs of various styles around Wellington, Chris is a member of the Royal New Zealand Air Force Band, playing both double and electric bass in the main concert band and jazz orchestra.

Jack Harre (Trumpet) – Recently finished playing lead trumpet in the NZ army band , Jack Harre is a Christchurch based musician who is currently studying at the new Zealand school of music. Alongside studying jack is one of the most sort after lead trumpet players in New Zealand. Playing both in the nz air force and the Rodger fox big band along with many other groups around wellington.

Sam MacKenzie (Drummer) –  Sam MacKenzie is a 19 year old drummer currently living in Wellington, New Zealand. He has been playing since the age of 6 and is currently completing his BMUSC in Jazz Performance at the New Zealand School Of Music.  Sam has already been fortunate to play and work with many artists and bands including Mitch James, Rodger Fox, Strangely Arousing, Dick Oatts, Luis Bonilla, Alex Sipiagin, Dewayne Pate, Michael Barker (Swamp Thing) and more!

Leonardo Coghini (Piano) – Leo is currently studying at the New Zealand school of music and has been turning eyes since  he started playing the piano. Leonardo currently plays with the NZ Air force band and is also a popular local musician in wellington playing in many various bands.

Nicholas Baucke- Maunsell (Saxophone) Nicholas is currently studying at the New Zealand school of music, he has been lucky to play in the nz youth jazz orchestra alongside guests artist such as Alex Sipiagin and Tom Leur.