Back for a 7th year at JIM festival and Peppers Parahua, Mary Watson returns with a new band.

Noir’s accomplished pianist, Sanji Gunasekara, although classically trained since childhood, has always had a love of the jazz genre and enjoys embellishing Noir’s, hallmark, svelte, light jazz sound.

Ajit Rasiah, a well-seasoned and equally accomplished drummer of 40 years, is an experienced swing man with a keen interest in all things jazz.

Bassist, Mike Gore, was a working musician during the 90’s who is also classically trained in guitar, has dusted off his bass and come back to music after a long hiatus.

This new and fresh band complements Mary’s intimate and inclusive stage presence and her honest interpretations of the music.

With a blend of old-school jazz standards and contemporary tunes reworked to suit the style and flare of the musicians, this intimate combo has a refined style and format where people can either choose to listen to the warm, rich tones of chanteuse Mary Watson or socialize with friends, carrying on a conversation without raised voices.