The Senses Quintet

The Senses Quintet is a Christchurch based group co-led by Nick Dow and Damien Motu. Influenced by jazz musicians such as Bill Evans, Wes Montgomery and Zach Brock, the Senses Quintet strives to re-create the sound of the 1950s hard bop jazz era while also showcasing their contemporary original compositions. This group will be sure to satisfy all five of your senses!

This five-piece is made up of talented CPIT MusicArts graduates Nick Dow (violin), Damien Motu (guitar), Mitchell Thomas (drums) and current students Dominic Spiteri (piano) and Bradley Grianger (double bass).

Nick Dow
New Zealand jazz pianist and songwriter Nick Dow (22) is a recent graduate of CPIT Jazz School, Christchurch. Music has been prominent in his life from early childhood, including playing the violin, piano and singing. After beginning violin, his love and talent for improvisation led him to jazz piano. He also composes and orchestrates music. In 2013 Nick toured the United States and Canada with the NZ Youth Choir; and he has also performed in Africa on tour with the NZ Secondary Students Choir.

Damien Motu
Damien Motu is a Christchurch-based Jazz guitarist and composer. In 2014 he completed his degree at CPIT MusicArts majoring in Arranging/Composing and Jazz Guitar Performance. Damien became immersed in jazz music in his first year of study finding inspiration from great saxophonists Dexter Gordon, Charlie Parker and John Coltrane. As a part of his study he travelled to New York in 2012 where he met, had lessons with and attended concerts from some of the best jazz musicians that the world had to offer.

Bradley Grainger
Bradley Grainger is jazz bassist currently in his 3rd year of study at CPIT Jazz School. Bradley started guitar lessons in 2006 and switched to bass in 2011. He played in the school jazz band at Motueka High School.

Dominic Spiteri
Dominic Spiteri is an up and coming jazz pianist, based in Christchurch, who is currently completing a Bachelor of Musical Arts at CPIT Jazz School. Though he is only in his 2nd year of study, he is already making a mark on Christchurch’s music scene. He has performed at the Christchurch Jazz & Blues Festival; he has performed alongside New York based bassist, Umar Zakaria and plays frequently with notable saxophonist Jimmy Rainey. Dominic plays in a duo with guitarist Damien Motu.

Mitchell Thomas
Mitchell Thomas is a Christchurch-based drummer and percussionist. Falling in love with jazz during high school, Mitchell went on to pursue a Bachelor of Music (Jazz Performance) at the CPIT Jazz School studying with renowned jazz drumming specialist Ted Meager. He has played beside internationally acclaimed saxophonist Jamie Oehlers; as well as Tom Rainey, Michael Story and Darren Pickering.