Vade Sahira Orchestra

The Vade Sahira Orchestra is a collective from Masterton playing jazz fusion/ hip-hop originals and covers. Since making their debut at the 2017 Wairarapa Balloon Festival Night Glow, the band has continued to expand and improve their repertoire, personnel and sound quality.

The members of the Vade Sahira Orchestra are:

  • Chev Fraser (piano, trumpet): An accomplished pianist and trumpet player, one of Chev’s most recent accolades was winning the Most Outstanding Pianist award at this year’s NZSM Jazz Project combo competition.
  • Judah Dabora (piano): Coming from a classical background, Judah draws on his expansive knowledge of classical music to bring a unique flair to the band.
  • William Taber (bass): With a strong background in classical double bass, playing in the NZSO National Youth Orchestra, William has also developed a sound understanding of bass in a jazz setting, both electric and upright.
  • Callum Riach (drums): As the group’s main writer, Callum draws on a range of influences for the band’s original material; playing percussion in National Secondary School and National Youth Brass Bands has resulted in a firm foundation in classical music, however learning trumpet in more of a jazz context has led to a love of jazz, hip-hop and fusion.